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Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of Arnold Lodge No 1981, a Masonic lodge which meets at Surbiton in Surrey.

Please feel free to explore the website where you will find information about Freemasonry in general and Arnold Lodge in particular.

If you are thinking of becoming a Freemason, or just wish to know more about Freemasonry, then the FAQ page contains answers to many questions which people ask about Freemasonry. There is also a link to a booklet produced by the United Grand Lodge of England entitled "Freemasonry. What's it all about?" which may be of interest to anyone thinking about joining the Freemasons.

On the Links page, there is a list of Masonic websites which we hope you will find interesting and informative, whether you are looking to join the Masons in Surbiton, Surrey or elsewhere, or just wish to learn something about Freemasonry.

If, after browsing our website, you feel you might be interested in joining Arnold Lodge and would like to talk to someone in person, or if you are a Freemason and would like to attend one of our lodge meetings, please visit the Contact page and get in touch. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Arnold Lodge meets on the 2nd Tues of March (Installation), 4th Tues of April, 1st Tues of June, September and October at:

Glenmore House
6 The Crescent
Surrey KT6 4BN

Meeting Dates

12th March 2024
23rd April 2024
4th June 2024
3rd September 2024
1st October 2024
11th March 2025
22nd April 2025
3rd June 2025
2nd September 2025
7th October 2025
10th March 2026
28th April 2026
2nd June 2026
1st September 2026
6th October 2026

Upcoming Events

23rd Apr, 4.30pm

Arnold Lodge Regular Meeting

Glenmore House
6 The Crescent
Surrey KT6 4BN